• 1 Mahadev
    Mahayogi, Bhairav, Rudra, Shankar, Bholenath
  • 2 Omkar
    Maharudra, Aasutosh, Chandrasekhar, Nageshwar
  • 3 Bholenath
    Shiv, Neelkanth, Aushotosh, Gangadhar, Mahakaal, Kapali
  • 4 Bholenath
    Om Namah Shivay

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva is very simple.He becomes happy with his devotees by a simple method of worshipping i.e, by pouring water,by telling only twice OM NA MAH SHIVAY.He is available to all whether he is a good person or bad person.He always remain sitting cool and calm like a simple person,simple cloth,simple style of living.He always helps the worshippers without any condition.He becomes active only at the time of Tandav that creates Tsunami,Earthquake etc and he is supposed to be Destroyer of the universe while angry due to the misdeeds of livings


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